We have the experts to fit shoes, saddles and bikes.

It is important your contact points with your bike have been adjusted for you and your specific needs. We have perfected the science and have the tools to implement the changes for a better experience when you're out conquering your goals.

Your bike should fit, like a glove.

Our trained fitters can assist you in getting your cycling experience perfected. We think that fit is so important, we've dedicated a space just for it. Our team can provide key information, product and adjustments to improve your comfort and/or performance. 


Saddles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and padding densities. There are options specific to women, triathletes, kids and one for everyday of the week.


Shoes are a contact point that cannot be avoided. They are equally important when it comes to performance. We can guide you to the best fitting shoes, soles and cleat position.


Our fit process is a three hour endeavour where we spend the majority of the time analyzing your body and its specific bio-mechanics. Please visit our shop to discuss details or to schedule your appointment.